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[MCU - GOTG Theory] THE HIGH EVOLUTIONARY could really exist in the MCU and THOR might meet him in his adventures Marvel I had a hunch that the High Evolutionary Herbert Wyndham is a potent character for the MCU and if this tweet is to be believed found in a CBR article LINK HERE then it can open up a slew of storylines.</plaintext> Rumored to be in James Gunn’s third installment of Guardians of the Galaxy, High Evolutionary will most likely be revealed as the creator of Rocket Raccoon. This could be a deeply emotional story or a profoundly silly one. If anyone can handle such an abstract villain, it has to be Gunn. Even if it's hard to imagine how he'll pull this one off. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 May Feature High Evolutionary, Moondragon, and Lylla WandaVision Set Photos Tease SWORD's Involvement in New Series Doctor Strange Writer Honors the Loss of. One theory that's been presented to explain this is that he was created by a being who could go on to be very important in the MCU going forward: none other than the High Evolutionary. The High Evolutionary AKA Herbert Edgar Wyndham is a human who, through experimentation on himself, has expanded his intellect to levels that rival Marvel's cosmic entities. The High Evolutionary. A human being who has extended his lifespan, the High Evolutionary isn’t as well known as some other Marvel bad guys, but he’s nevertheless been a thorn in the side of.</p> <p>16.05.2019 · marvel high evolutionary Supervillain Who made Adam Warlock Who Made Rocket Raccon many more Marvel Phase 4 super villain Moon Dragon Phyla vell Beta ray bill HighEvolutionary MCU Thor . Drax will find out that his daughter is still alive. Star-Lord and Nebula will become closer as they search for Gamora. Thor will be in the movie and meet Beta Ray Bill, who might be another of the High Evolutionary’s experiments. Quasar and Adam Warlock also rumored to appear, with Zac Effron reportedly eyed for Adam in the MCU. Powers and Stats. Tiering System: 4-B. Name: Herbert Edgar Wyndham, the High Evolutionary Origin: Marvel Comics. Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Human scientist, Geneticist, Founder of the Knights of WundagorePowers and Abilities.</p> <p>Korvac, the High Evolutionary, and the Stranger, all "people" who are regularly described as having "Galactus-level power," get into an argument over which one is the most powerful sub-Celestial. High Evolutionary phải đối đầu với The Avengers Unity Division khi họ can thiệp vào kế hoạch tiêu diệt Lowtown, một nơi trú ẩn của lực lượng chống đối High Evolutionary được cầm đầu bởi Low Evolutionary. Here are crazy 4 theories and the most likely one about where the Soul Stone is in the MCU. 4. 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